Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT) is a private research, learning and translation Institute uniquely organized to synchronize research capacity, training, learning, innovation, translation, wealth and job creation, and entrepreneurship infused into aspirations for improved living condition of the people in Nigeria and African Continent.

FIRAT is set to shower brightness and a new horizon on the lands, bringing forth their potential to become truly independent technologically advancing nations of ideas and self-reliance. We are set to reduce borrowing of the black nations, reduce poverty, insecurity, poor health service conditions, poor economy and other challenges that have hindered Nigeria development, and Africa's growth to compete with other continents in the world.

We shall achieve these set impacts with research, innovation and training. This is what we are doing when we apply new knowledge from researches in life sciences and liberal Arts, social and management sciences, water, food and agriculture, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Communication, history, archival sciences, development sciences and other relevant fields to improve lives. We desire happy people, happy nations.