Research Cloud Scientists Programme

Research Cloud Scientists Programme


FIRAT creates space for those who have strong inclination for research that is impacting and desire translation of their work into productive outcomes; creating jobs and wealth. Although, these scientists work in other organizations or Institutions, the Research Cloud Scientist Programme is a way to start with us.  

 Our Research Cloud Scientists Programme accommodates a pool of Scientists who wish to volunteer part of their career time with FIRAT and undertake at least one of the research concerns of FIRAT in addressing the challenges in Nigeria and other African Countries.  These problems identified and prioritized by FIRAT are in health, humanities, environment and earths, social and management sciences, STEM and other disciplines. We work with these scientists (who preferably are holding a PhD or outstanding MSc qualifications but are waiting to take the next step in their career, and established Scientists who share passion to nurture younger ones in a team based skill transfer system).  The benefits they will have include continuous engagement without delay, more learning to keep their skill better sharpened, stipends from grant supported studies, working with team on ground and contribute to new knowledge generation (published in reputable journals) and translation into innovative products, goods, services; creating jobs and wealth through the Institute. Overall, they will have a bridging towards next career opportunities with FIRAT and or a fulfilling scientific life for the would-be mentors/research leaders.

 We have many categories of leaders and prospective leaders  that become a part of our RCS Programme.  Each member of the cloud is identified with one of the following categories 

 Category 7

The research leaders, who have successfully influenced the world with innovations that are ground breaking, and are enthusiastic to produce their likes from any part of the world from among those in Category 6 (Blue Garnets, Rubies Research Cloud Scientists). They are “Jadeite Royal Emerald or Imperial Jade- the CLOUD”

 Category 6

This consists of research leaders who can each lead a team of scientists on a prioritized research and research operations voluntarily, with enthusiasm to guide younger ones.  Each member in this category is ranked as Blue Garnet or Ruby Research Cloud Scientist depending on the skills they possess to apply research to solving large community needs or challenges such as overcoming or averting hunger, disease epidemics, drought, tsunami, ecological pollution, landslide, modern slavery, civil unrests, wars and others that confront the world population and territories.

 Category 5

A university lecturer having a PhD but yet to establish strong research base in his or her Institute (often time a young academic) and wish to be supported by FIRAT.  S/he will be working on FIRAT prioritized research, research operation and research solutions that are defined by problems facing communities and society at large.  S/he will be an Affiliate member of the Institute.  Each member in this category is ranked Platinum Research Cloud Scientist.

 Category 4

This consists of young scientists who are matured (PhD) candidates; almost completing, with huge potential to rise to become fantastic scientist, and very ready to be mentored. Each member in this category is ranked Gold Research Cloud Scientist

 Category 3

This category consists of young Master degree holders preparing for their doctoral studies, who FIRAT will appoint as postgraduate fellows.  They are registered in a University (home or abroad).  Students in this category include those that are undertaking their Master degree training in Institutions with which FIRAT has MOU, and working on a project designed by FIRAT.  Each member in this category is ranked Diamond Research Cloud Scientist.

 Category 2

These are volunteer scientists that are ready to be mentored but not in category 3 and 4 above.  Each member in this category is ranked Rhodium Research Cloud Scientist.

 Category 1

This category consists of promising undergraduate students of university or higher institution who desire to learn more about research that is impacting and transforming; creating happy people,  happy society.  Each member in this category is ranked Sterling Silver Research Cloud Scientist.

 In case you choose to participate, a letter of expression of interest may be submitted for the consideration of the RCS Programme committee.  Such may be forwarded to 

 The Director General

Foresight Institute of Research and Translation

19, Alh. Adedeji Avenue

Eleyele, Ibadan

Oyo State, Nigeria

Attn: Ms Rashidat AbdulAzeez

e mail: