Undergraduate Training

                      Capacity Development and Support programmes

Focused Undergraduate Training support- 

In this support programme, we help university undergraduate students  or students from higher education institutions define a career path leading to jobs and wealth creation. 

FIRAT wants to ensure students have fulfillment of learning objectives and making indepth meaning of their learning experience while in the University, before taking on postgraduate trainings.

The following programmes have been designed to support undergraduate training experience:

i.      Education Tourism- This programme is designed to allow current undergraduate students visit laboratories, research stations, and companies for industrial and scientific exploration, learning from those they learn about in the classrooms.

 ii.      Beyond the Classroom Diet:- This is a programme to nourish the quality of lessons students learn while in the classroom.  It helps the University Student make greater deeper meaning of the day lessons.  FIRAT has employed the services of researchers working directly on the subject matter to share classical experience and take students through practical application of what they are taught in the classrooms.

 iii.      Digital Tutorial Hub- This project is designed to make available tutorial sessions on one on one or group service.  In this digital hub, students interact with our expert teachers in their discipline to guide them through understanding their courses that they currently offer in the University, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  The students are able to access these services by registering with FIRAT Digital Tutorial Hub.  The modules will help the students make the best of learning experience in the 3-6 years of undergraduate education and mentorship.