Transforming lives through Research, Training, and Innovation

Our scientists are at cutting edge research and translation endeavors, We train research Leaders and create enabling research and translation environment for all students, non students and industries all over Nigeria and Africa

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Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT) is a private research, learning, and translation Institute uniquely organized to synchronize research capacity, training, learning, innovation, translation, wealth and job creation, and entrepreneurship infused into aspirations for improved living conditions of the people in Nigeria and African Continent

Promises to be Africa's Leading Research
Institute by 2028

4years of experience
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    At FIRAT, we prioritize and conduct research that are impacting and feed into development of people everywhere and nations. The spread of our research activities cover development challenges facing Nigeria and many African countries. Our research domains include...

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    We conduct training to build capacity for development. We work with those (Institutions, groups and Individuals) who have strong inclination for truth through research that is impacting and desire translation of their work into productive outcomes; creating...

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    FIRAT focuses on Translation to bridge the existing gaps between research and solutions in many areas of academic, industry and development disciplines. Discrepancies between evidence-based, efficacious interventions and solutions, ...

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    This Division, not only promotes innovation, but assumes potential adopter for innovations that are preferred not used in the form they are proposed, and translate them into a form that suits their needs.  It is ...

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An African Research Institute established with the aim of promoting research and innovation in all aspects of human endeavours.

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Research and Training Division

We train Research Leaders and create enabling Research and Innovation enabling environment for all students, non-students learners, Industries, and Solution providers to grow.

  • Life Science and Humanity

    The processes involved in this surfeit of life forms are equally diverse, form simple to complex, and occurring in both the blink of an eye an and over Billions of years. In fact the a vast majority of life on our planet is microscopic. Of species within th e animal kingdom, mammals, fish, birds, reptiles, and amphibians alltogether represent only 3%.

  • Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics

    In an everchanging increasingly complex world, it is more important than ever that out nation's youth are prepared to bring knowledge an skills to solve problems, make sense of information, an know how to gather an evaluate evidence to make decisions.

  • Water, Food and Agriculture

    While feeding the world and producing a diverse range of non-food crops such as cotton, rubber, and industrial oils in an increasingly productive way, agriculture also confirmed its position as the biggest user of water on the globe. Irrigation now claims close to 70% of all freshwater appropriated for human use.

  • Social and Management Sciences

    FIRAT present key issues in all field management sciences and social sciences across the world. We welcome journals and support of our members in diverse ways to succeed in the research requirements.

  • Environment, Earth and Space

    We are here to help you understand the physical, chemical and/o ecological processes in soils, water and the atmosphere from an Earth Sciences perspective at different time and spatial scales. Challenges like climate change, food security and the provision of water require in depth knowledge of these processes

  • Training, Education, and Development

    FIRAT has successfully developed a means to drive innovative projects through our industrial partners, innovation gathering (Conferences/Seminars), proof-of-concept studies with innovators, strategic investment with tech companies


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It's a burning, never-ending desire to help our clients maximize their outcomes and exceed their strategic goals. Though our goal is a bit aspirational, our values are what drive us every day.

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