About Us

Our Vision

To become a leading continental research Institute, recognized by our peers as being both a dominant intellectual force in research and translation and the destination of choice for national and international development engagements.

Our Mission

To be an institute destined for national eminence and global reach, with rich civic roots embedded in ‘all for one, one for all’ concept. We have a fundamental commitment to rigorous research, learning and development curiosity, generating ideas through insatiable drive for advancement in all human endeavors including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, innovation and entrepreneurship (STEMIE), and opening them to challenge. This ensures that we produce exceptional knowledge, impactful research and productive human capital, thereby making a significant contribution to society and the global economy.

Expert People

Meet Our Team

Dr. Lanre Omotayo

Member, FIRAT Governing Board

Center for Hospice and Palliative Care, Buffalo, USA

Kudirat Aderonke Adedeji

MD-FIRAT-Rwanda/Ag Director TED

Dr. Marta Vicente-Crespo

Member, FIRAT Governing Board

African Population Health and Research Center, Nairobi, Kenya

Prof. Drissa Toure

Chairman, FIRAT Governing Board.

MD, PHD, MPH Assistant Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Minnesota.


  1. Conduct and promote research, translation of research and innovation in new learning in all disciplines relevant to development of Nigeria and African countries.
  2. Generate highly skilled human capital for advancement of research in all fringes of human endeavor.
  3. Stimulate academic community, graduate students and public interest in life science research and research in other disciplines relevant to immediate and future advancement of humanity
  4. Promote and facilitate postgraduate and postdoctoral training and support capacity development, collaboration, networking and exchange between academia and research scientists and trainees in different parts of the world.
  5. Promote wealth and job creation, translation and dissemination of research findings in support of wellbeing of people and economic growth of communities.
  6. Offer professional and consultancy services that promote research, learning and translation of research findings in higher education learning institutions and industries.
  7. Cooperate and partner with relevant government and non-governmental agencies in promotion of research and translation for public good.

The world today is experiencing a rapid rebirth of what it used to know of health, education, and development concerns.  As connected devices proliferate with 25 billion devices connected to the internet of things, the world’s growing population is becoming more connected. The amount of data generated globally is growing at an exponential rate, putting security and privacy at more risk than ever, and more like-minded people are forming groups over and above physical borders.

Technology offers great potential to meet many societal and environmental challenges that hinge on the survival of men, such as energy and food supply, carbon emission, immigration, and the search for greener pastures. The advances are rapidly changing workplace skills requirements. Traditional occupations are gradually becoming redundant and new occupations are emerging.

There is therefore an urgent need to rethink education and redirect research endeavors to fit the sophistication of future jobs with required skills that match the rapid proliferation of new technologies

At FIRAT, we are committed to contributing our quota to the socioeconomic development of nations, Sustainable Development Goals and ‘The Africa We Want’ 2063 Agenda.”.

- Prof Ahmed A. Adedeji, FOUNDER


At FIRAT, we prioritize and conduct research that is impacting and feeding into the development of people everywhere and in nations. The spread of our research activities covers development challenges facing Nigeria and many African countries. Our research domains include Life sciences, Medicine, Humanities, Water, Food and Agriculture, Social and Management Sciences, Physical Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, Education, Entrepreneurship, and other emerging fields of knowledge that transform lives for the better, healthy, happy society for all.



We conduct training to build capacity for development. We work with those (Institutions, groups, and Individuals) who have a strong inclination for truth through research that is impacting and desire translation of their work into productive outcomes; creating new learning, future jobs and wealth.

Our mission keeps us at the front line of undertaking and facilitating training and building effective capacity for professional research opportunities; opportunities that make researchers inclusion in the development of African nations easier. The training we offer places researchers in a continuous process of specialized evolution, generating new knowledge, solutions, skills, and capabilities within a holistic, practical, and applicable context.



FIRAT focuses on Translation to bridge the existing gaps between research and solutions in many areas of academic, industry, and development disciplines. Discrepancies between evidence-based, efficacious interventions and solutions, and what actually occurs in practice could be frustrating, slowing down development. The huge investment in research in most African countries is yet to translate into well-deployed solutions for development. The universities, research institutions, and others face translational challenges today. At FIRAT we are set to strengthen the Translation of research and findings for the development of SMEs, Industries, and other Institutions for the development of people, and society.

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