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Dear Esteemed Applicant,

Foresight Institute of Research and translation (FIRAT), Ibadan, Nigeria, is a private research institute that seeks to transform lives using research, training and innovation. Since inception, FIRAT has been supporting students (both undergraduate and postgraduate) in higher institutions to make the best of their research in creating new knowledge, developming innovations and providing solutions. At the moment, a large number of students are engaged with our staff and mentors.

The urge to move the efforts to the next level is here presenting, wherein students are able to come on ground to engage with research for development and share resources, and also benefit ffrom research grants the institute is midwifing.

FIRAT Students’ research Group is set to create the platform for all students, undergraduates and postgraduates, to be supported in all ways possible that engendered their researches for local community benefits and national development. It will help stimulate research environment and culture in their institutions.

filling and submitting this application form is taken as your consent, willingly expressed, to join this group at FIRAT.