About Us

Our Vision

By 2023, we become a leading continental research Institute, recognized by our peers as being both a dominant intellectual force in research and translation and the destination of choice for national and international development engagements.


Our Mission

We are an institute destined for national eminence and global reach, with rich civic roots embedded in ‘all for one and one for all’ concept. We have a fundamental commitment to rigorous research, learning and development curiosity, generating ideas through insatiable drive for advancement in all human endeavors including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, innovation and entrepreneurship (STEMIE), and opening them to challenge. This ensures that we produce exceptional knowledge, impactful research and productive human capital, thereby making a significant contribution to society and the global economy.


Our Core Values

We have seven core values which inform and pervade the way we work to make FIRAT a leading continental research Institution:

  • Excellence – we are committed to excellence at the heart of everything we do.
  • Distinctiveness – we are clear about what makes us stand out amongst our national and international peers.
  • Impact – we make a difference around the country -Nigeria, African continent and around the world.
  • Confidence – we are confident in ourselves, in our direction and in our common purpose.
  • Leadership– we celebrate the leadership quality of our staff and our trainees, the prestige of our civic root, and being an elite Institute with the global community working with us.
  • Service to others- Bringing smile to others through dedicated services.
  • Critical thinking and Innovation- We generate new ideas and create before others do.