Assessment of Household Food Capacity in Nigerian Families

Despite various efforts currently undertaken by different government and non government organization, the COVID-19 pandemic seem to still aggravate the less availability of food to all those who need or need more, and accessibility. Given this reality, a real time true information of how many households are affected and to what extent are essential data for planning an intervention.

News Update/Announcement; Research Assistant Positions

FIRAT trained Research Assistants can apply here.

Non-Interest Intervention Scheme of the CBN- FIRAT Support Program

Financial inclusion is experienced when a financial system serves as many people as possible in a country. FIRAT is projecting support for financial inclusion of all MSMEs following the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) creative environment for critical development of national economy. The CBN has floated new initiatives with a total of eleven intervention schemes aimed at increasing access to finance by non-interest financial institutions.

FIRAT launches Family Farm Project for household food security in Nigeria

Following the report of the findings from the investigation conducted on household food capacity in over 800 Nigerian families by the department of Food and Agriculture of Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT), Eleyele, Ibadan, Nigeria , 73.8% of the participating families desire to have their own family farms. The Institute therefore considered this an emergency and decided to initiate Family Farm Project initiative across the federation. This project aims to provide multiple opportunities to each home in Nigeria to own a farm and secure a future where food is sufficient for their members and other families; creating jobs and wealth therewith.