FIRAT Research Assistantship Program

Training Opportunity

Every University has experienced Professors and other Senior academician working on some projects which are either supported by the Universities or funding agencies.  Each one of these Professors requires assistant who can help out in the research work.  These assistants are generally students, preferably graduate students.

The duties of the research assistants in Universities includes performing experiments, simulations, setting up labs, setting up experiments, writing research papers, writing programming codes and other activities that support delivering a set goal in the research endeavour.

FIRAT, as a way of competence building and skill set sharpening, undertakes training of Research Assistants.  This program, under Research Assistantship Program, will build capacity in the young and enthusiastic graduates, graduate students and potential candidates for research career.  They will be dedicated and eager to work long hours, and give the desired results to their Professors.

At the moment, there is increasing requests for Trained Research Assistant who can work remotely by some Professors.  If you are interested, please contact Acting Director, Training Education and Development Division; e mail-