FIRAT launches Family Farm Project for household food security in Nigeria

Following the report of the findings from the investigation conducted on household food capacity in over 800 Nigerian families by the department of Food and Agriculture of Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT), Eleyele, Ibadan, Nigeria , 73.8% of the participating families desire to have their own family farms. The Institute therefore considered this an emergency and decided to initiate Family Farm Project initiative across the federation. This project aims to provide multiple opportunities to each home in Nigeria to own a farm and secure a future where food is sufficient for their members and other families; creating jobs and wealth therewith.

  • August 26, 2020
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We thank our participants in the household food capacity studies for their cooperation and patience and for responding to the questionnaire and letters. I welcome you all on board this project.
In order to follow up on the fidings from the study showing large percentage of people that indicated interest in owning a family farm, FIRAT came up with methods on how to go actualize the dreams.
Congretional or Cluster Formation Farming 
Here we are in collaboration with organizations like the Halal Certification Authority (HCA) and other organisations to implement the CBN Intervention Funds Scheme, an inititive of the Federal government of Nigeria to create employment and eradicate poverty and also other region based organisations and individuals in land acquisition for the institute and allocating spaces for agriculture. An ‘acre’ or a ‘plot’ to a family kind of Initiative, a kind of Agribusiness. Plans are on-going.
Urban Farming methods 
This is a concept that is already being implemented in some parts of the world, Africa inclusive e.g. Kenya. If you have free space in your house where big bags of soil could be placed, it can be used to grow food that can sustain a household
The department is also willing to support the Farmers Hub with skills acquisition.  Here we will be employing the services of professionals and experts to train us on skills that will be beneficial to us in the area of food and agriculture.
It promises to be an exciting journey and we hope you gain from every bit of it. Once again I welcome you all on-board.  Other interested homes that did not participate in the study but wishes to benefit may join the whats app link at

We will be updated on more activities as they come up. 
Please stay tuned