FIRAT and SAYANSI in collaboration moves……..

Recently, FIRAT received a donation from Sayansi to support the installation of alternative power source required to help the institute and research scientists, including undergraduates and graduates research students, working on different projects able to conduct their experiments without power interruption.  This donation (1000€) makes a huge and valuable contribution to the cost of the Installation.   The entire member of the FIRAT management show sincere appreciation of this offer.  Sayansi has offered to strengthen the collaboration with FIRAT; working together to support student’s research projects with donation of research grants to help them complete their research works.  We thank Sayansi for this lofty relationship.


Learn more about Sayansi with us:

"Sayansi" means "science" in Swahili. Education and research are the pillars for the development of a country. Let's help Africa in its development.


Sayansi's Mission

 The association is non-for-profit and pursues the following goals:

+ To drive promotion and defense of research in general and in particular in the field of Biology in Africa.

+ To promote education and research on Genetics and Molecular Biology, with no distinction of social status, race, sex or religion.

+ To promote the development of Africa, taking into account the relevance of education and research as engines of the development of a country.

+ To promote the celebration of events or activities like seminars, meetings, workshops, etc. about different aspects of life in Africa addressed to the different sectors of the academic community and society in general.

+ To promote school and youth activities to spread the knowledge about the most representative aspects of life in the African continent.

+ To promote the coordination and collaboration North-South through the collaboration between universities and students of both sides.

+ To generate economic resources to achieve these goals.


From Sayansi:

“We want to make a dream come true: to educate a generation of scientists that use their knowledge to solve the problems of Africa, because we believe in research for development.”


You can discover some more info about Sayansi by following their facebook site, or the blog.  

'Sayansi' significa 'ciencia' en swahili. La educación y la investigación son pilares fundamentales para el desarrollo de una sociedad. Ayudemos a África en su desarrollo.

Sayansi IxD,investigacion y desarrollo.

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