Environment, Earth and Space Research and Training Division

The main mission of the division is to carry out state of the art scientific research, training and consultancy services with respect to the functioning of the geo and ecosystems at different spatial and temporal levels, and explore Earth and Climate Sciences for socioeconomic growth and sustainable development of Nigeria and Africa.  This will include the interaction between human and the environment including space and management of natural resources.

The researchers are also interested in what drives natural climate change and other issues that can help us to study in the natural world.  Several activities are domicile in the following departments and units.

  • Department of Earth and Climate Science
  1. Forest, Nature and Landscapes Units
  2. Bioeconomics, Soil and Water Units
  3. Geology, Ocean and Atmospheric Science Unit
  • Department of Archeology, History and Archival sciences
  • Department of Environmental  Science and Management
  • Department of Space Science, Geography and Tourism