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Life Science and Humanities Research and Training Division

The overarching theme of the division is the discovery of solutions to biological, medical and general human societal problems in a unique style that allows a more context-sensitive approach that acknowledges the heterogeneity and volatility of research across different knowledge environments.  An approach to successful endeavor in this division is through excellence in basic and applied multidisciplinary research.

This division positions to conduct advanced researches and training that may be of interest to individuals, researchers, biomedical industry, government health and medical agencies, health care industry, policy makers, evolving organizations, communities or societies and many others.  The life sciences will deals with biological and chemical sciences, basic and applied medical sciences including recognition, cure, alleviation, and prevention of diseases or injuries of human beings and animals, and investigating causes, new diagnosis and treatment methods or new drugs and remedies.

A number of researches in the humanities which is illuminating on the bedrock of human culture to modern languages, literature to philosophy, history to religion are contributing fresh insight into human life and society, and gradually being linked to the life sciences. This division explores the intersections and interactions that will be defining current health and social determinant dynamics and future generation’s development trajectory.


This division is structured into department for multidiscipline interactions as:

  1. Department of Biological Sciences
    • Tony Kouzarides Genetics, Cellular and Molecular Biology Unit.
    • Silvia and Tim  Integrative and System Biology Unit (dedicated to Silvia Munoz-Descalzo and Tim Well for their contribution to science in Africa).
    • Marta Vicente-Crespo Biological Resource and Repository Unit.
    • Plant and Animal Biology Unit.


  1. Department of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Sadiq Yusuf Basic and Applied Neuroscience Unit
    • Akin Sowunmi Infectious Diseases Unit
    • Fatai Fehintola Preventive Medicine Unit
    • AMJ Oduola Developmental programming of Health and Disease Unit
    • Olumide Ogundahunsi Public Health and Nursing Science Unit
    • P. Babalola Pharmaceutical Science Unit


  1. Department of Integrative behavior, history and Liberal Arts
    • Media, Communication and Innovation Unit
    • History, Archeological and Archival science Unit
    • Behavioural psychology and human development Unit
    • Life science and biolegal matters Unit


Laboratories in the Division

  • Isa-Lola-Marta (ILM) Drosophila Research Laboratory- dedicate to the pioneer efforts and hard work of Isa Palacios, Lola Martin-Bermudo and Marta Vicente Crespo “DrosAfrica” on Drosophila as a tool for research in Africa.
  • Maria and Teresa Chemistry and Drug Development Research Laboratory- dedicated to the contribution of Prof. Maria Pilar Lopez Gresa and Ms Teresa Caballero Vizcaino to stimulate Chemistry and drug Development Research at FIRAT.
  • Isiaka Ogunwande Essential Oil Research Unit- a unit dedicated to Dr. Isiaka Ajani Ogunwande- a dedicated organic chemistry scientists and one of leading scientist in Nigerian University.



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