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The consultancy service unit of the Training, Education, and Development Division of the Institute takes up service requests from individuals and corporate organizations.  It uses

Advancing Vaccinology Education: EAC’s Masters’ Program Development

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The field of vaccinology plays a crucial role in safeguarding global health by developing and distributing effective vaccines to combat infectious diseases. In recent years,

Public Notice Announcement: Attention all qualified individuals in Nigeria’s education sector!

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The Training, Education and Development (TED) Division of the Foresight Institute of Research and Translation, Nigeria (FIRAT-Nigeria office) is thrilled to announce the launch

International Conference on Neurodevelopmental and Degenerative Disorders.

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Theme: The emerging regenerative medicine and recent advances in the treatment for Autism, Intellectual Disability, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Down syndrome, Brain stroke, Head Injury

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