Newsletter Vol.1

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Newsletter Vol.1

On behalf of the Management and Governing Board of Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT), I present the maiden Newsletter of the institute. The newsletter will be published quarterly electronically to inform the general public about the activities of the institute. It is a production of the office of the Directorate of Research, Management, Innovation and Translation (ReMIT) division.

This edition contains basic information about FIRAT, which includes; our vision and mission, the different units in the institute and our activities for the year 2022. We have also selected relevant information on grants and scholarship programs that our numerous students can benefit from.

FIRAT Mission Vision Goals

Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT) is a private research, learning and translation Institute uniquely organized to synchronize research capacity, training, learning, innovation, translation, wealth and job creation, and entrepreneurship infused into aspirations for improved living condition of the people in Nigeria and African Continent.

FIRAT is set to shower brightness and a new horizon on the lands, bringing forth their potential to become truly independent technologically advancing nations of ideas and self-reliance. We are set to reduce borrowing of the black nations, reduce poverty, insecurity, poor health service conditions, poor economy and other challenges that have hindered Nigeria development, and Africa’s growth to compete with other continents in the world.

We shall achieve these set impacts with research, innovation and training. This is what we are doing when we apply new knowledge from researches in life sciences and liberal arts, social and management sciences, water, food and agriculture, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Communication, history, archival sciences, development sciences and other relevant fields to improve lives. We desire happy people, happy nations.


We are an institute destined for national eminence and global reach, with rich civic roots embedded in ‘all for one and one for all’ concept. We have a fundamental commitment to rigorous research, learning and development curiosity, generating ideas through insatiable drive for advancement in all human endeavors including science, technology, engineering, mathematics, innovation and entrepreneurship (STEMIE), and opening them to challenge. This ensures that we produce exceptional knowledge, impactful research and productive human capital, thereby making a significant contribution to society and the global economy.


By 2025, we become a leading continental research Institute, recognized by our peers as being both a dominant intellectual force in research and translation and the destination of choice for national and international development engagements.


Divisions In FIRAT


  • Life science and Humanity (LsH)

  • Water, Food and Agriculture (WFA)

  • Social and Management science (SMs)

  • Environment, Earth and Space (EES)

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

  • Training, Education and Development (TED)

  • Research, Management, Innovation and Translation (ReMIT)

Student Research Group

Student Research Group (SRG) is a pioneer forum and community created for all student researchers in Higher Education Institutions. SRG is a program of (FIRAT) in developing critical mass of well-trained future researchers.

FIRAT-Student Research Group (FIRAT-SRG) is to encourage and support innovative research among students within the ambit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), African Union Development Agenda and individual student career development plan; promoting the translation of research efforts into development products for enhancing local economy, international trade and visibility of the nation. The group will become a critical part of the digital infrastructure needed for student researchers, opening students to research raining and capacity development, career engagement, quality training, and communal sharing of information on a continental scale.


Benefits of being a FIRAT-SRG member

  • Regular research talks
  • Lectures /Seminars
  • Conference attendance
  • Mentoring programme
  • Scholarship/grant opportunities
  • Research tours
  • Research community programme
  • Newsletter and Research digest
  • Other research oriented activities


In order to award excellence and promote best research project ideas that impact on development, FIRAT-SRG is inviting applications from undergraduate and post-graduate students who are eligible for this award.


Category A: The FIRAT-SRG best research project award is to promote recognition of research students who are contributing to development and solving problems that are slowing down economic growth of the nation.

Category B: The FIRAT-SRG research grant award (RGA) is to encourage and motivate student researchers to develop the culture of applying for funding for their research work. The work could be preliminary investigations or work in progress that will lead to genuine outputs contributing to national development.

The specific objectives are

  • Create awareness to students on the need to compete for research grants

  • Promote research interest in students and award outstanding projects completed in 2021

  • Promote recognition, support and award for development driven student research supervision and transfer of knowledge.

  • Provide seeding fund for students research projects

  • Assist students in executing their research proposal



This is a project of the Foresight Institute of Research and Translation-Student Research Group (FIRAT- SRG) and we rely heavily on the leadership and participation of our campus ambassador for expansion of the SRG. Our ambassadors are postgraduate and undergraduate student research leaders who will provide guidance to other students on research support activities of FIRAT-SRG.

Professor Ahmed A. Adedeji

Director General


Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT), Ibadan, Nigeria.


  1. Onboarding and registration of members: Registration of new members will span through the year to bring more students on board.

  2. Research talk: The objectives of the research talk is to broaden the horizon of members in different research areas through information dissemination via short talks, which might be audio or video.

  3. Career Development Program/training: Seminars, Conferences, Workshops on current global issues that will focus on research and translation will be organized. The theme of our trainings would be carefully coined such that it will cut across so many disciplines, ages and interests. Above all, current trend in the society that will give participants the urge to enroll for the training.

  4. Internship Program: Students willing to serve as Interns on short terms in FIRAT are to apply at least THREE MONTHS before the commencement date.

  5. Mentoring Program: The range of services for the mentorship programme are on request from members. The services are for a fee and request for such services should reach FIRAT a least ONE MONTH before the services are needed.

The services include:

  • Counselling on choice of research or its execution

  • Post-field presentation for students who are done with their bench/research work.

  • Proof reading of thesis before final draft is submitted to supervisor.

  • Pre-defense presentation before a panel to assess the readiness of candidates before their final defense.

  1. Research Tour: The aim of the research tourism is to allow students have a glimpse of some hands-on applications in their fields of specialization and also meet success entrepreneurs. This will involve all categories of students on the SRG.

  2. Town and Gown Connect

  • Research Awareness

  • Research Summit

  • Research Community Development Program

  • Research Exhibition

  • World Research and Insight Day




OWSD Phd Fellowships at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) was founded in 1987 with the objectives to strengthen its role in the development process and promote its representation in scientific and technological leadership. One of its main programmes is provision of fellowship for women scientists in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to study for Postgraduates (PhD) degree in 10 universities including Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Why UPM?

Widely recognized for leadership in research and innovation. UPM is currently ranked at 143rd in QS World University Rankings 2022. There are more than 300 fields of study available at 15 facilities, 11 institutes and 2 schools. Currently UPM has more than 10,000 postgraduate students with approximately 3,800 international students from 80 countries around the world.

The deadline is on 15 April 2022

*Only applicable for new applicants. Existing students at UPM are not eligible to apply

The PhD fellowships are offered to women scientists to undertake PhD research in the following areas: Agricultural Sciences, Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences, Biological Systems and Organisms, Chemical Sciences, Computing and Information Technology, Engineering Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Neurosciences, Physics, Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology.

Types of Fellowship

Full-time Phd Fellowship

  • Maximum funding for 4 years

  • Research is undertaken entirely at UPM

  • For more details regarding UPM PhD programme, please visit

Sandwich Fellowship

  • Must be a registered PhD student in home country and undertake part of the study at UPM

  • Research attachment at UPM for a maximum period of 12 months.

The fellowship covers: Return air travel, Tuition fees, Living Expenses, Medical insurance,Visa-related expenses, Special travel allowance to international conferences.

Additional: For both fellowships, recipients will receive financial support (for research from UPM)

For more information on the fellowships, please visit: or email to


2022 Jean-Claude Juncker Scholarship at MCI Entrepreneurial School for International Students

Description: This scholarship under the patronage of Excellency Jean-Claude Juncker allows students engaged in the ideas, principles, values and future of the European Union as well as the economic, technological and social development of the European continent, to pursue their studies at a prestigious European university

The scholarship is applicable for the first year of the respective master’s program.

The scholarship may be extended to the second year of the master‘s program upon successful completion of the first year and a positive evaluation. For further scholarship opportunities

Deadline: March 31, 2022

Application link:


2022 Renmin University Chinese Government Scholarship for International Students

Description: Renmin University Chinese Government Scholarship is open for all international students to apply for the annual Scholarship in the Renmin University for postgraduate students

Almost all academic fields and majors are available at Renmin University to undertake Postgraduate Degree program. The scholarship will cover all the expenses to study in China. The Duration of the Master Degree is 2-3 Years & PhD 4 Years.

Renmin University of China (RUC) was established in 1937 and is research institution located in Beijing. According to QS World University Rankings it is ranked at 89th in the country.

Deadline: April 30, 2022



2022 NCS – Jim Ovia Scholarship Fund for Nigerian Students

Description: Application is now open to interested and qualified candidates for the 2022 NCS-Jim Ovia Scholarship Fund organized by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS).

Human capital in Information Technology is a top priority for the nation because Nigeria needs people in sufficient numbers with such appropriate expertise to survive and thrive in the knowledge economy.

Through this fund, NCS shows exceptional commitment to the sustainable national development of Nigeria by significantly increasing opportunities for Information Technology Education and research attainment nationwide.

Deadline: May 31, 2022

Application link:


2022 Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program For Developing Countries

Description: The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program (JJ/WBGSP) is open to citizens of certain developing countries with relevant professional experience and a history of supporting their countries’ development efforts who are applying to a master degree program in a development-related topic.

Subject to available funding, JJWBGSP offers scholarships for 26 Participating Programs at universities in U.S., Europe, Africa, Oceania and Japan in key areas of development, including economic policy management, tax policy, and infrastructure management.

Please note that if you are not admitted to one of these 26 programs, you are not eligible to apply for a JJWBGSP Scholarship in 2022.

Deadline: May 27, 2022

Application link: – 3


2022 Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) Scholarships for Developing Nations

Description: For the academic year 2022-2023 there will be scholarships available from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which cover approximately 50% (€17,500) of the total cost of the programme.

The candidate is expected to cover the remaining part. These scholarships are available for the Sanitation profile of the track Water and Health. Other tracks and profiles are not eligible for the BMGF scholarship.

The matching funds can be provided by yourself, your employer or any other sponsor, or combination of those. Especially women are strongly encouraged to apply for this scholarship.

Deadline: May 1, 2022

Application link:


2022 University of California Ezera Research Fellowship for African Students

Description: The University of California at Berkeley invites applications for the Emeka Kalu Ezera fund for graduate African students.

An endowment has been established in memory of Emeka Kalu Ezera to support graduate students from African countries south of the Sahara at the University of California at Berkeley.

The funds from the endowment are assigned to the Center for African Studies to aid student scholars at the graduate level concentrating in African Studies.

Deadline: April 11, 2022

Application link:


2022 Teach for Nigeria Fellowship for University Graduates and Young Professionals

Description: The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a transformational leadership program that equips Fellows with transferable leadership skills to effect change beyond the classrooms in the communities we serve.

Teach for Nigeria invites exceptional university graduates and young professionals to apply for the Fellowship.

Teach for Nigeria strongly believes that the only true and sustainable path to improving educational opportunities for all children in Nigeria is by channeling and developing Nigeria’s most capable young leaders just like you against the problem of educational inequity

Deadline: April 11, 2022

Application link:


20 Scholarships in France Currently Open for Application

France attracts each year more than 360,000 international students from all over the world. And to get the most distinguished and unique of them, France offers hundreds of scholarships each year. In the other side, these French scholarships represent an opportunity for these students, allowing them to change the course of their life and to dream for the better.

Click on the link to apply:

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