Science Technology Engineering And Mathematics

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Training and Research Division

"Our future is being shaped by the astronomic advances that Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) applications are generating.  The world today is experiencing rapid re birth of what it used to know of health, education and development concerns.  

As the connected devises proliferate with 25 billion devices connected to internet of things, the world growing population is becoming more connected. Amount of data generated globally is growing at exponential rate, putting security and privacy at more risks than ever, and more like minded people are forming groups over and above physical boarders.

Technology is offering great potentials to meet many society and environmental challenges that hinge on survival of man, such as energy and food supply, carbon emission, immigration and search for greener pasture. The advances are rapidly changing workplace skills requirement. The traditional occupations are gradually becoming redundant and new occupations are emerging.

There is therefore urgent need to rethink education and redirect research endeavours to fit the emerging living conditions and the sophistication of future jobs with required skills that match the rapid proliferation of new technologies".   - Prof Ahmed A. Adedeji

This research and training division deploys a wide range of disciplines and skills, which are increasingly in demand in our rapidly changing world. Since STEM skills and knowledge are important for all stages of our learning, jobs and everyday lives, this division commits to ensure improved research activities and training that will promote application of these skills and knowledge to advance healthy and happy environment for the world people.  

The departments are

 a.          Department of Science and Technology

                                                                           i.      Physics and Chemistry Research Unit

                                                                         ii.      Technology and Innovation Science Research Unit

                                                                        iii.      Computer Science and Information Technology Unit

1.       Information Science and Applied Technology sub Unit (Robotics….)

2.       Computer Science and Programming subunits

b.         Department of Engineering and Mathematics

                                                                           i.      Engineering in Life Science Research

                                                                         ii.      Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Research

                                                                        iii.      Energy , Power and Natural Resources

1.       Department of Energy Science and Power Technology

2.       Department of Natural Resources and Translational Science

                                                                       iv.      Software Engineering and Intelligence (AI)

                                                                         v.      Telecommunication Science and Engineering