i.      Capacity Building

a.    Postgraduate Research Support Service- Postgraduate students are confronted with obstacles that slow down their completion of study and research work in many parts of Africa.  FIRAT Postgraduate Research Support Service helps you to overcome these challenges.  The services cover wide range of support from research skill empowerment, working on researches at cutting edge of new knowledge and breakthroughs in their disciplines. To enjoy this service, interested individuals are advised to join the Future Leaders in Research and Innovation (FLiRI) team.  Members are supported at affordable Costs.  Non members are not discriminated against in the capacity building service support; they are also able to benefit in different ways.


b.     Focused Undergraduate Training Support-  In this support programme, we help university undergraduate students  or students from higher education institutions define a career path leading to jobs and wealth creation.  FIRAT wants to ensure students have fulfillment of learning objectives and making indepth meaning of their learning experience while in the University.  The following programmes have been designed to support undergraduate training experience:


                                                 i.     Education Tourism- This programme is designed to allow current undergraduate students visit laboratories, research stations, and companies for industrial and scientific exploration, learning from those they learn about in the classrooms.

                                                      ii.     Beyond the Classroom Diet:- This is a programme to nourish the quality of lessons students learn while in the classroom.  It helps the University Student make greater deeper meaning of the day lessons.  FIRAT has employed the services of researchers working directly on the subject matter to share classical experience and take students through practical application of what they are taught in the classrooms.

                                                    iii.     Digital Tutorial Hub- This project is designed to make available tutorial sessions on one on one or group service.  In this digital hub, students interact with our expert teachers in their discipline to guide them through understanding their courses that they currently offer in the University, both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  The students are able to access these services by registering with FIRAT Digital Tutorial Hub.  The modules will help the students make the best of learning experience in the 3-6 years of undergraduate education and mentorship.   

ii.             Research Training Services

FIRAT offers you support during your research time in the University.  Most students find it difficult to navigate the ocean of research experience alone.  They often need guidance. The skill sets required making meaningful and impactful research at the introduction to research in the early years or final years of your study usually require sharpening and refinement.  FIRAT provides you such unique opportunity.

In some cases, students are asked to think about research topic of interest while they have limited experience of what is researchable enough to make some new contribution to knowledge and lives of the people. With such limited capacity to define or identify a problem, how to systematize data collection of data, and other related activities, our support services will give bold experience sharing that enable you to figure out the best approach to your research endeavor. 

In a situation, you are stacked and do not know where to start or how to continue; you are encouraged to contact us.  FIRAT will make you access research ideas of the Institute for University Student with one of our mentors on customer care service guiding your steps.   This institute will work with you and your University Tutors, Supervisors and departments seeking their approval to allow you conduct your studies with the Institute Experts in line with FIRAT policy. 

iii.           Students Research Exchange and Career Development Service

FIRAT recognizes the great contribution research exchanges offer students (undergraduate or postgraduate), researchers and academicians.  Through exchange, new things are learnt, cooperation and networking are enhanced, new alliances are made and new ideas are born. We offer you opportunities to visit our collaborators laboratories, study sites and university campuses to learn in new areas of their research endeavours on African continents and beyond. We find you hosts and facilitate your new research learning and experience. 

iv.            Research at FIRAT Laboratories

Seasoned Researchers from among the members of staff of FIRAT and Experienced members of the Research Cloud Mentors are available to offer services that guide students, academic staff of universities through their projects in the FIRAT Laboratories. 

v.              Brain Gain Hub

FIRAT sets up a brain gain hub to welcome research scientist, academicians and those interested in contributing to the development of Nigeria and Africa from among those studying or working in Europe and America back home to Africa.  The FIRAT Brain Gain Hub (BGH) creates places to host them on initial arrival and provide enabling environment for them to begin integrating back to Africa.  Interested individuals will apply to express intention to return to Africa to FIRAT and the processes begin at the BGH.  

vi.            University Research Translation Cooperation Service

FIRAT provides University Research Translation Cooperation Service.  This is designed to work with the Universities in Nigeria and other African Countries to ensure research findings of their students and staff can be translated to wealth and job creating products.  In addition, it will help to train staff of such universities on research translation, building their capacity to promote translation to creating wealth of their research findings. 

vii.          FIRAT Science Update Communication

The Institute produces and releases latest Science News in Nigeria and Africa weekly called Science Update Nigeria.  It will be collection of research finding in Nigeria or on-going research activities update. 

viii.         Research and Development Hub for Industries

FIRAT opens Research and Development activities of Industries up for contract.  It seeks contract with companies to function as their Research and Development unit creating new waves in the businesses of the company, solving emerging problems and forecasting new product research for their development. Interested companies apply to the Hub Station for business growth. This Hub will provide cooperation between Universities and Industries in a unique operational style that allow the academicians and postgraduate students through Industry Directed Innovation Learning Graduate Scheme (IDILGS).  They will work with FIRAT to solve the Industries problem and earn degrees from their Universities based on agreements with FIRAT. 

ix.            Research Translation and Job Creation Service:   FIRAT will pursue translation of research finding into jobs for interested parties, organizations or individuals.  Our Job Counseling Center (JCC) will be primarily responsible to receive applications and search the Research finding database from FIRAT, Universities, Industries or other Institutes and negotiate for translation and job creation to respond to the requests.  This will contribute to reducing unemployment in the communities and allow increased economic engagement for all.  

x.              FIRAT Research Store

This research store is a one stop call for all materials that promote research and support its effective execution in labs and field station works.