Social and Management Sciences Research and Training Division

The division encompasses researchers and trainers who engage their skills in Management, Economics, Sociology, Political Sciences, Econometrics/Statistics, Economic Psychology Energy Economics/Politics, and related subjects including Operations Research and Engineering.  They participate in different research activities and training from multidisciplinary perspectives.

Monitors Show EEG Reading and Graphical Brain Model. In the Background Laboratory Man Wearing a Brainwave Scanning Headset Sits in a Chair with Closed Eyes. In the Modern Brain Study Research Laboratory

The researchers engage in a range of methodological approaches to research, including both qualitative and quantitative methods. This is done with the interest of providing holistic decision support. Developing approaches to problem structuring, model development, data analysis, model inference, and decision support to improve business performance, supply chain efficiency, hazard reduction, and service revenues and to enhance the overall interactions between operations and other functional areas.

These research scientists provide solutions that meet the needs of users with a variety of applications. Through combined efforts and collaboration with universities, the division hopes to identify a new understanding of the critical role of social and management science in community and organizational growth and sustained success.

The existing center and departments are:

  • Prof. Hakim Ishola Mobolaji Center for Economic Policy and Development Research
  • Department of Humanities, Social and Political Science
  • Department  Management and Leadership Studies