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(A project of Foresight Institute of Research and Translation)


(For Undergraduate and Postgraduate)


It is crystal clear that without functional research system and environment in the higher institutions of learning, the future of Africa countries, will be deprived of catalyzing ingredients for development.  To build unimpeachable walls against low quartile quality of life, poverty, poor health care, avoidable disasters, food insufficiency, unemployment, economic backwardness and multidimensional recession a purposeful engagement of research system and deployment of new knowledge from all disciplines are essential. FIRAT believes that engaging students in functional research will rejuvenate sustainable and effective knowledge capacity and leadership elements required for development of African nations.   

The Students Research Group of Foresight Institute of Research and Translation, (FIRAT) Nigeria, is a pan Africa students platform setup with the mission to support students research across Africa and ensure these researches contribute to development of nations; especially achieving greatly on SDGs for African people.  While doing this, a great number of seasoned researchers and critical mass required for the transformation of Africa will be created. Members shall be drawn from all countries on the continent with country based agenda.

One of several activities of this group is giving research grants to students in universities and higher institutions. The piloting of this project starts with the Nigerian students receiving support in round 1 of the grants. Undergraduates and Postgraduates students at the stage of conducting their research and are members of the Students Research Group are eligible for this support.

Interested individuals should complete the application form in the link here. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Application closes on 29th October 2021

Kudirat Adedeji BA, MA

Ag. Director

Training, Education and Development Division