Who we are

Foresight Institute of Research and Translation (FIRAT) is a private research, learning and translation Institute uniquely organized to synchronize research capacity, training, learning, innovation, translation, wealth and job creation, and entrepreneurship; all infused into aspirations for improved living condition of the people in Nigeria and African Continent.

FIRAT is set to shower brightness and a new horizon on the lands, bringing forth their potential to become truly independent technologically advancing nations of ideas and self-reliance. We are set to contribute to wealth creation and development of nations.  We work with other stakeholders to fight against poverty, food insecurity, poor health service conditions, poor economy and other challenges that have hindered growth in Nigeria and other African countries.

We shall achieve these set impacts with research, innovation and training. This is what we do when we apply new knowledge from research in life sciences and humanities, medicine, social and management sciences, water, food and agriculture, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, communication, history, archival sciences, development sciences and other relevant fields to improve lives. We desire happy people, happy nations.


Our Objectives

1.  To conduct and promote research, translation of research and innovation in new learning in all disciplines relevant to development of Nigeria and African countries.

2. To generate highly skilled human capital for advancement of research in all fringes of human endeavor.

3.  To stimulate academic community, graduate students and public interest in life science research and research in other disciplines relevant to immediate and future advancement of humanity.

4.  To promote and facilitate postgraduate and postdoctoral training, and support capacity development, collaboration, networking and exchange between academia and research scientists in different parts of the world.

5.  To promote wealth and job creation, translation and dissemination of research findings in support of wellbeing of people and economic growth of communities.

6.  To offer professional and consultancy services that promote research, learning and translation of research findings in higher education institutions and industries.

7.  To cooperate and partner with relevant government and non governmental agencies in promotion of research and translation for public good.


What we do

  • We produce scientists that lead the future; providing solution to problems of the present and preparing solutions for future challenges.
  • We produce researchers and solution providers that the universities and world desire, leading life transforming researches and solutions.
  • We produce researchers the Universities wants to employ.
  • We develop solutions you want to identify with.
  • We work to make our society safe, healthy and productive.
  • We bring science and technology innovations to peaceful co existence of all on the African continent.
  • We bring you training and learning that lead you to a productive life; creating jobs and wealth for all.
  • We impact the Universities and other Higher Institutions of learning to produce the best and more resourceful human capital.
  • We impact industry to meet your demand; making you pivotal in their operation and put you first ahead of profits.
  • We produce researchers and knowledge translators who are morally upright, ethically sound and outstandingly skillful who put ahead every act the concern for all and how they live a successful happy life.
  • We continuously create innovation, innovate, and give birth to new ideas solving the best way to live on this planet earth.
  • We put Science and Technology into Humanities, Arts, Society and Management.
  • We make your research life and experience easy, unique, highly productive and impacting.
  • We make you see your research in life of people ; changing their life for better through producing Masters and PhDs your country and institutions need.
  • We work with the government and support efforts with informed data for policy, life changing experience and development.
  • We help your industry with unique growth experience and high yield through research and development facilities.
  • We make the best of your scientific career for the people you serve.